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Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's all relative

Have you heard me whining about how long 
it's been taking me to scrapbook all of my mother's photos 
that I found in a couple of boxes when she passed away?
When, whine no more, Electra, because you're finished!
It feels good to be done, believe me.  
And I can rest knowing that my daughter has at least 
a little bit of our family history documented.
The new challenge at 
You know you can create something with that broad theme in mind.
I'm now going to overwhelm you with a few maybe too many  
of those vintage LO's that I've completed:

 OK, I'm done.
You can relax now.
I do hope you'll join us at 
and play along. 
You have until June 16th to create something wonderful!
Have a funny day, in the meantime.


  1. Congratulations on completing this task, couldn't have been easy but the results are great looking. I love these layouts and the family members are pretty good looking, I must say. Love the attention to detail and embellishments that really enhance the focal point of the photos. You're creating a great legacy to let your daughter and grandson know where they come from, really terrific!

  2. These are fabulous Electra what a treasure!

  3. Congratulations. This is a wonderful task you have just finished. And with great style too. Every single layout is AMAZING. Charles was quite the looker, wasn't he?

  4. These are so beautiful, Electra!!!

  5. Double WOW - Firstly on these beautiful layouts, and secondly that you have finished all the photo's.
    You've created something truly wonderful for your daughter and grandson!!!

  6. Fabulous pages! Love the way you've worked the title over and under the parts of the last one.


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