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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photo Art Friday

Bonnie has invited us to link up a photo which contains negative space.
She also allows us to post any piece of Photo Art we wish.
How sweet is that?
My photo started out as this:
It's a photo I took of a railroad track on a really high bridge.
It became this:
with the help of a couple of textures by Bonnie Zeiman, papers by
Ang Campbell and PascaleA (which I used as overlays), one overlay by
Shadowhouse Creations,
and wordart by Lynn-Marie Favreau.
And a LOT of
erasing.,  lol

Yup, I knoew there isn't a lot of negative space left.
Did I not mention we can link up anything we wish?  :-)

Check it out:

You'll be glad you did!
(and I'm glad you stopped by!)


  1. This is exactly the type of image I imagine when I think of photo art. Wonderful choices of every level, including the perfect quote to marry with the image. Thank you so much for sharing this piece with Photo Art Friday, Electra.

  2. too cool...blows my crappy railroad picture of my kids out of the water and shows me how it was really supposed to be done (that was what mine looked like in my head though ;)...I envy your gorgeous photography by the case you didn't get that already...

  3. What a beautiful piece of art. I love your processing on this image.

  4. This is great! I love both the original photo, and also your artistic changes. They are perfect!!

  5. Wonderful, I love the perspective and final editing. Cheers

  6. Oh my gosh this is stunning. So creative and beautiful. Love this piece.

  7. that is a wonderful piece! love the vintage look and the use of the texture! It looks great!

  8. that is a wonderful piece! love the vintage look and the use of the texture! It looks great!

  9. This is the kind of digital art I love, but never quite seem to be able to make! Good you showed the first picture - that should count a negative space!

  10. I love what you did with your image - wonderful! The text and quote is beautifully done, too. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Very very well done, I'm on my bom' !
    (Thanks to Jerry again! I'm fan too!)

  12. Wonderful photo. Love the light. Valerie

  13. fantastic photo and you rendering is absolutely stunning!

  14. Love the result.
    All of it...composition, quote, textures and processing.

  15. Love this...everything about it. I love the angle you shot this in, the negative space is great and the processing you! Gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Capture Life,

  16. WoW!
    How wonderfully you have altered that photo!
    I'm so glad to see the before and after shot.
    You are such a professional at digi photos and digi layouts Electra!


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