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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photo Art Friday - POW Camp 130

I really like Bonnie Zeiman's
There is some AMAZING photographic art there!
This week, Bonnie has invited us to post a black and white photo.
OK, I know it's not exactly black and white, 
I added a sepia tint to make it look like it might have been taken during the war
Anyone who knows me knows I don't follow directions well..
This is a photo of a POW guard tower in our Kananaskis area.
We were out there on the weekend and had a picnic near this tower-
it was very strange and somewhat creepy to look around as we ate our sandwiches and 
know that 10,000 German prisoners lived here at one time.
Initially, there were German Nationals and Merchant Marine Seaman, 
who were captured in Africa.  Later, 600-700 German prisoners were kept here.
After the war, many of those Germans prisoners returned to Germany, 
got their families and returned to the area to settle.
We must have treated them well!

That's the end of today's history lesson.  lol

I also added a couple of textures by Bonnie Zeiman and an overlay by Shadowhouse Creations.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. yes it does look like an old photo - wonderful that the structure still stands

  2. I love the old frame. Nice piece of art :)

  3. interesting story and nice picture

  4. It works perfectly with the sepia, the frame is just right for it too :)

  5. love how you did this up and the picture is fabulous!!!

  6. Well, you certainly achieved your goal. What a great piece!!! (I love people who break the rules, btw. :) Thanks for sharing this piece of art with Photo Art Friday, Electra.

  7. Great great piece Electra!
    And great history lesson too!
    This guard tower seams not so old...
    I love Jerry Jones & his wonderful gifts...
    Hugs my dear friend!

  8. Wow, way cool pic, love what you did with it. That would be a little creepy, but great history lesson!

  9. Really nice edit!

  10. it's a wonderful picture just by itself but the processing made it look amazing. thanks for the history lesson :)

  11. You did a wonderful job creating a "vintage" feel to your photograph, the distressed frame is wonderful. Enjoyed reading about what the building is.

  12. Wonderful photo, and I love what you did to it!

  13. The photo really does look like it was taken many years ago. Well done. Valerie

  14. Very striking photo, and what an interesting story to go with it!


    (I like knowing the story!)

  15. Electra- what a great shot. This would have been considered a black and white photo "back in the day". I would think a POW guard tower would be a bit disconcerting while eating lunch. This world is filled with so many stories.

    I stuck with a simple black and white portrait on my page.

  16. I like history lessons!
    Wonderful job of making this look vintage.


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