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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Out of Bounds

This is for
this week.
The challege is to do something "Out of Bounds"
I used elements by Rian Design, Beth Rimmer and Bleuesse.
I'm also going to show you the first OoB piece I ever did, it was for my Digital Whisper group:

I learn so much there.
sorry, I am still 250 km from home and I cannot remember from whom I got the elements for this one.  When I get back home, I will add them.
Thanks for looking!


  1. I love both pieces, Electra. The first one is amazing for its three-dimensional qualities. It is amazing how you have achieved this in a picture that is flattened out. Superb! The second one is wonderful and it's hard to believe it was a first attempt at "out of bounds". Love the teapot jutting out pouring on to the image.

  2. watch out for the plane! :) love both creations!

  3. Both of these are fantastic, Electra! You certainly have a knack for these "Out of Bounds" pieces!

  4. Cool,dimensional pieces, Electra!

  5. Gééééénial! I adore your artwork on both of them Electra!
    Your imagination is without limits!
    Thank you so very much for all your sweet comments & huge hugs my friend! :)

  6. these are great! I love the second especially, such dimension, and the beautiful polish and patina on the silver!

  7. these are great, but where are the baby pics? waiting **no so** patiently for one ;)

  8. They are both excellent pieces, Electra!

  9. Two absolutely gorgeous pieces Electra! Love them! xx

  10. These are both great! That top one really caught my eye! I love it! The airplane is amazing!

  11. What great examples of out-of-bounds art, Electra, each special in its own way. That little plane just seems to be flying right out of the frame! The teapot brought to mind the rhyme "I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Tip me over, pour me out!" Great work!


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