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Monday, June 18, 2012

Waves on TV

Peggy of 
has given us a few awesome pictures of waves which was may use to create something wet.  
Well, that's not EXACTLY what she said, but that's what I ended up with.
And so can you, if you go over there and check things out!
And since I've been away from home (and my computer) for WAY too long, 
I decided to combine this with the challenge from
which invites us to create something with television or film in mind.
I should mention that I have always hated Baywatch and this is my somewhat
pitiful way of thumbing my nose at it.
Not that anyone associated with the show will ever know.
But I know.  
It's good to be home, I hope to stay a while this time.


  1. So cute, Electra! Welcome home!

  2. This is fun! Love the fish, too :)

  3. This is hilarious and fun! All I can hear is the Hawaii 5-0 music when I look at this! Too fun! I love the shrink wrap and canvas textures!!!

  4. Oh baby, that's a super take on Baywatch!!LOL! Welcome back Electra! xx

  5. Oh Barbie ... will she never grow old? Maybe you should creat a senior Barby for those of us over 39 ... ya think? Very clever and funny ... thanks for the smiles.

    Andrea @ FRom The Sol

  6. LOL! Now THAT is funny! I totally remember Baywatch...Pamela Anderson pre boob one!

  7. there you go again!!!!!!
    Fun and wacky!!!!
    thanks for playing, you always add some fun to this challenge and I appreciate your support!!!

  8. So nicely done, Electra.
    Love the fish!

  9. I'm so glad you're back Electra...and so happy you hate Baywatch...I was scared there for a minute!


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