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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mandarin Monday

My little grandson was here for the weekend.
 I'm exhausted.  :-)

Be sure to visit

I'll likely see you there!
Thanks for coming by and 
have a funny day today, unless you have other plans.


  1. This is beautiful - so heart warming

  2. I feel I have to write a comment for your dear little Grandson:

    "Grandma wanted to pay me back for making such a mess so she painted me orange".

    Seriously, this is a gorgeous piece, Electra. What a handsome little man and I am glad to see he is following in Grandma's artistic footsteps.

  3. I love your little artist-in-the-making. He's adorable, but I well know that sweetness can leave grandmas with low energy at the end of a day! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Beautiful...heart warming as Ritva said. And he is so engrossed in what he is doing. Love your vibrant processing too
    -I took my grandson to playgroup today...exhausting :))
    Thanks for sharing on MoM#64:)

  5. What a lovely photo of your grandson, babies are so charming.


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