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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekend Reflection

This was an easy one.
I new the photo I wanted, drove over there,
parked and walked to the perfect (sort of) spot.
I couldn't get any closer, cus the entire area is still closed due to the flood.
I feel sad, the whole park was destroyed by our disaster, 
and I would normally be there taking photos of the glorious fall foliage.
On the other hand, it's forced me to find other areas as spectacular.
If you would like to see my home in colour, check this out:

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  1. Marvelous image! What wonderful Fall colours.

    Thank you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo!

  2. Beautiful colours of autumn... awesome shot...

  3. This is gorgeous. I love Autumn.

  4. Don't be sad, floods and fires are natural ways for Nature to restaure Herself... It could have been really worse : the zone could have been totally destroyed to become a parking lot, or another brillant human urban creation... Then there would have been no hope for the trees.

    Your picture is beautiful, by the way.


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