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Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend in Black and White

Maybe not the best photo, but I think Moose(s) are pretty cool.
Teenage moose especially, which is what this one is.

Unless of course you hit one with your truck.
That's bad.
Very bad.
And these evenings as I drive home, I am paying attention 
very closely for yellow eyes along the sides of the highway.
There have been two vans smashed in by the side of the 
road on the route home in the last week.
Folks don't survive those collisions.

But they sure are cool-looking animals.  
It's like Creator just put all the leftover parts from 
when he made all the other animals and 
smooshed them together and got a moose.

You don't believe me?

Well, google moose images.  You will.

Have a funny day.
Unless of course, you have other plans.

The Weekend in Black and White 


  1. Oh Yeah they are cool. Now the hunting seasen starts in Sweden. I don´t hunt but I often participarte as a spectator.

  2. He/she looks like a typical teenager -not quite sure what to do with long legs. Fun photo, but no fun at all if you hit one. Take care!

  3. Love this moose profile. The moose does seem to be a mixture of parts.

  4. Wonderful photo in B&W! Nice profile.

  5. It is always the most amazing thing to witness a moose... every once in a while one will pass through out neighborhood, usually though we only see them further away from "peopled" areas.


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