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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


for the awesome blog
I simply must take every opportunity to create Halloweeny art!

(and not only does she have fun challenges,
she has wonderful collage sheets as well at Lunagirl)
credits:  Tangie Baxter, Studio Rosey Posey, 
Eeana's Creation, Finecrafted Designs
and Bonnie Zeiman

Thanks for visiting,
 I hope you are enjoying this holiday as much as I!


  1. "From 0 to witch in 30 seconds" -- Love it! Very fabulous as always, Electra -- I'm always glad to see you in my blog challenges!

  2. This is wonderful. Love the quote!

  3. This witch is beautiful. Fabulous collage!

  4. not only is the creation beautiful the sentiment is a riot! love it. thank you for joining the witchery challenge at lunagirl moonbeams blog! xo


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