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Sunday, September 13, 2009

#37-What's in a Name?

This is my LO for Got Mojo's challenge #37. We needed to do something about our name and I remember my trauma as a young girl/teenager, hating my name (and hating myself, for that matter). We also had to use a new technique which gave me the opportunity to try out Lisa's embossing technique from the Treasured Memories Projects and Techniques blog. She has the coolest ideas. The apples were done using one of those die cut papers that are so popular now and a very juicy versamark pad. Then white powder. I really like it. Other than feeling re-traumatized over my name and turbulent adolescence, I loved doing this challenge.
And I don't hate myself anymore.


  1. I'm very pleased you don't hate yourself and this is a moving layout - oh, how we beat ourselves up during adolescence! Whoever calls them the best years of your life is crazy, getting beyond them is marvelous.

  2. BTW, and this is how we always want what we don't have - when I was a teenager with an old-fashioned name like my own, I desperately wanted to be named Lisa, Patty/Patti, or Linda. Now, I wouldn't trade my name for the world, it is who I am! Glad you have made peace with the past.

  3. Beautiful job, love what you did with the die cut apples paper.
    Simona Scrapmojo

  4. Awww Im sorry you felt retraumatized! I had the same thing with my name! I feel your pain. Love your page. Wonderful job. Thanks so much for playing along with us!


  5. Beautiful!! Love that die cut paper!!

    Thanks for playing along!
    MElissa - Mojo

  6. This page is awesome. I really like the journaling.. Kids are evil.. I was called Crystal Draino for years. BAH!

    Thanks for playing along I loved your layout


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