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Friday, September 11, 2009

Here are three digital LO's I did of the girl and her best friend. they've grown up together, through thick and thin and all of that. BFF, big-time.

Well, I made it through another week, without too much bloodshed. Glad that's done.

Tonight I've been working on an album for Bliss, it's done and I'm pretty proud of it. I didn't think it would come together, but it has. I'll post pics at some point.
I would like to scrapbook this weekend, but have plans tomorrow and Sunday as well. What's up with that? I'm way too busy, since the child left. I guess I'll have to schedule doing nothing. Who could have predicted this?

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  1. You know, when you have a the place to yourself you are supposed to be goofing off and playing with your crafts! That said, you can see the strong bond of friendship in these photos. Great layouts!

    Carve out a little time to play!


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