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Friday, September 18, 2009

What do I want to learn?

I started my Bollywood Hip Hop class this week, it was a blast! the Opus Poobah's have asked us to consider what we would like to learn, well, that's mine-to dance Bollywood. I was grateful that there were some older women in the class, and that I wasn't the only one. there's also an older man and a couple of younger men. I have to say it was challenging and I wished we weren't doing it in a dance studio with an entire wall of mirrors, pitiful as I looked and felt, there were others in the same boat as I. So why not just go for it and have fun? And that's how it went. I've been busy this week and have only done 3 ATC's for this challenge, my previous post and this one. I loved doing them though, so what could be better?


  1. These are BRILLIANT. I love Bollywood Dance. Adding your pic is a stroke of genius. Thank you SO MUCH for playing with us at OPUS GLUEI. We LOVE your style. You SOOOO "get" us. I'll be in your dance group. Bring it on...

  2. I LOVE YOUR CONTRIBUTION! I think it is cool that you're taking the class; I did bellydance, told Jana about it and then she took a course and now we're both wishing we had a Bollywood dance class around our hometowns!

    We would so rock in a dance group - we have the attitude and the charm!

  3. HAHA - read your comment about the knitting machine!!! Oh no, I want to learn to use this! I have 22 years to go before I sell it in the box unused, maybe I'll break the knitting machine curse!!!


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