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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Baking

I've been going through my mother's recipies too, for a reason I can't say out loud until after Christmas morning ;-))and remembering how much baking she would do each holiday season. She would make divinity, brown sugar fudge, and shortbread (of course) which she would make with her hands, mixing everything together so carefully using her fingers.
Most special of all, she would make these caramels to die for and my brother and I would have to cut little pieces of saran wrap and wrap them all individually. We would eat more than we wrapped, and bicker while we did it. Bicker, that's what we did best. I miss him. and those caramels. I made some Lemongrass and Sea Salt caramels this year, but I suspect Mom's old candy thermometer has gone to the candy shop in the sky-it turned into toffee, instead of caramels. But it tastes pretty good!


  1. I'm sorry that you are feeling that loss so tenderly right now, but I love that you have shared such fun memories and pics from your childhood ornaments and decorations. (May we use them on OG?)

    Nothing we make ever tastes as good as Mom made, does it? ;-)

  2. You bet, you can use anything from here on OG!
    And you're right, nothing does every taste as good as hers. :-)


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