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Saturday, December 12, 2009

It is so friggin cold!!!!

OK, minus 36. That's just Stupid Cold. And speaking of stupid, I went Xmas shopping AT THE MALLS today. I must have lost my mind. I never go Christmas shopping in December. But I did today. Go ahead, ask me how far away I had to park and ask me if my jeans froze to my legs as I trudged towards my destination! Yes, they did! note to self. Do not leave your hat in the truck. Nor your gloves.
It was the kind of day that makes you want to park in the handicapped parking stall by the door and walk in some way that will make people think you deserve to park there. I WANTED to do that. But I didn't. Honest.
Stupid, stupid cold.
At any rate, that's the reason for the picture. Even though it wasn't especially hot when we were in Cuba, this photo makes me feel warm. And that's what it's all about today. Must feel warm. No matter what.

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