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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back in the Day

"Back in the Day" I've heard that a few times from different people lately. What day would this be? If it's different people from totally different walks of life saying this, are they all talking about the same day? Was I there that day? Were you? Was it early in "the day" or late in "the day"? What were we doing that day?
And next week, when someone says "Back in the day" will they be talking about a different day? Or the same day? It's all very disturbing. It makes me feel old.
Real old.

On a cheerier note, this pic is of a present I made for my buddy Gini in the Great United Kingdom. Where the queen lives. I wonder if Gini knows her? Gini is such a special lady, and I feel so blessed that she's come into my life. Actually, I feel that way about all the folks I've had the good fortune to meet since I decided to do this bloggy thing. I'm so fortunate. Anyways, I made her this shadow box, complete with her guinea pig Spanky (click to enlarge and if you look carefully,you'll find Spanky). I had to keep it a secret from y'all while it wended (is that a word?) it's way across the ocean, but she and spanky have it now, so I can show you. TA DA!

I wouldn't have done this back in the day. Just sayin.


  1. Wow, this is so COOL! What an awesome piece, and I'm sure she was thrilled to get this piece! Great work, GF.

  2. She's gonna (or she already does) love it! It's great and I spied Spanky when I enlarged it (my old eyes aren't good for detail work without some expansion). Beautiful!

  3. I found Spanky!

    This is AWESOME! What a fab design! Gini must certainly love it!

  4. Of course I know her!
    She often seeks Spanky's advice on matters of dignified style... Of course I know nothing of such matters being a mere serf myself, but Spanky gets around.

    This is such a small island you can't help but know each and every other person here, it does get a little tiring sometimes; you know, the standing shoulder to shoulder with everyone else, what with it being a bit of a squash and a squeeze over here and all.

    I would like to point out that your photo, whilst being one that I'm sure David Bailey (I also know him too, lives just up the road...takes his tea, white with one sugar...) would have been very pleased to have taken, does not do justice to the loveliness of my shadowbox that it has in real life. :-)

    I have no idea either with what is going on when the expression "Back in the day" is used.
    Over here where it is very very small, the phrase tends to be "Back in my day" which is as equally absurd.

    However what it has made me think about is how our artistic creations are always better in real life than the photo's we take of them, but in the movies everything is much better, shinier, and glossier than in real life, weird huh.

    Aaaw your lovely comments are choking me up. Thank you.
    Right back 'atcha kid.


    P.S. Now that Linda has found Spanky I'm sure she feels her life is complete, I understand it is a similar feeling to finding the holy grail.

    (Sorry Linda, but I just couldn't resist that one LOL!)

  5. What a COOL piece. LOVE IT.
    GINI is indeed a very lucky gal. Of course she knows the Queen. Spanky introduced them, I'm sure of it.


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