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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Made it for Opus Gluei Challenge # 54

Here it is! Although you have to look pretty closely to find the ribbon we were supposed to use and it's not actually "ribbon" but cord, but it came out of my ribbon stash, so that's what I've used. I hope you'll visit Order of the Opus Gluei It's a really fun place with fun people and talent galore!
Chris commented in an earlier post that it might be a good plan to work out my frustration from a difficult week at work through my art and so that's exactly what I've done. Between that and an evening spent with a good friend, I think I may not run away from home. Not right away anyways. Thanks Chris!
I hope you'll also wander over and check out the "I Made It" blog party at Everything Etsy. Not only do they showcase really kewl items, they have some great giveaways. You can visit them here


  1. I love this. I might have to copy it to my desktop for inspiration. LOL. Not the artsy inspiration either. Love that you used cord. We are flexible like that at Opus Gluei. We also LoVe that you play with us all the time.

  2. I love the sentiment, and love the cord...
    The whole thing is magnificent!

  3. That's really fun! I love the truck! I'm sure you felt better after doing something like that.:)


  4. Cord counts!!! OMG - you almost owe me a new monitor (again) because I gagged on my healthy little ole diet soda here when this popped up on the screen! Awesome, I wish you were my neighbor and not only my bloggy buddy - oh the adventures we'd have!!!

    Loving this so much and as always, thank you for participating with us on our blog - love your projects!!!!

    word verification: pronitch (sounds like a personal issue I need to attend to) LOL

  5. Hey, I LIVE that sentiment most weeks! This is uber cool, Electra! Your LOs just get better and better, and they were fab to begin with!

  6. I'm bowing down in front of your creative awesomeness.....TOTALLY FANTASTIC!

  7. I love this! Fantastic work!


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