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Monday, May 24, 2010

Whenever I go somewhere via highway, I should leave myself a bunch of extra time to get there when I say I'll be there. I just can't drive by an old barn, abandoned farmhouse or row of old grain elevators without stopping, getting out and exploring.
Which then leads to checking out the ol' general store and the church and the back lanes and, and, well, you get the picture. HAH! So I can get the picture! Yup, that was bad. Anyways, my roadtrip the day I took this photo was no exception. LOVED the backdrop to this old house.
I loved Arizona when we were there this past summer because there were lots of old buildings along the highway we were on. But it was too d%*n hot to stop.

On another note, I made these little flowers out of tissue paper and I think they turned out smashingly, if I do say so myself. They don't show up very well on the picture, tho. Can you see them on the closeup? Punch them out scrunch them up and stick em on the paper with a brad. How easy is that?


  1. I see the flowers - I was wondering where you bought them - clever girl!

    Love the photo - I enjoyed all the scenery in western Canada - beautiful place.

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    (a particularly large related group of scrapbookers?)

  2. Great pic. Can you throw in some pics of the mountains? I've kinda been jonesin' for the Canadian Rockies lately. Love them. Your tissue flowers are awesome, they look great with that paper..

  3. Beautiful LO, and you totally rocked the tissue paper flowers! I keep trying to make them and they end up looking like used Kleenex. Not pretty.

  4. Ewww, I just sneezed and looked at my kleenex. Thanks Linda.


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