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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Opus Gluei Challenge #55

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, that's this week's challenge at The Order of the Opus Gluei. What to do? I asked myself, as I am none of these things. Then I had a flash of inspiration-I know, I'll copy Jana! So I did bookmarks. I NEED bookmarks, and I had TIME to do bookmarks, so bookmarks it is. They're digital, with all elements from Scrapartist one of my favorite sites for digital goodies. So now I have 3 lovely bookmarks and can read three, count em, three books at the same time!
Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm going to a concert tonight, gotta run. Catch ya later!


  1. Bookmarks ROCK. Yours are wonderful. I love each one of them. The problem would be: Read or admire this wonderful work of art??? Well, I hope you enjoyed your concert. Opus Gluei loves playing with you.

  2. I totally love these! I especially love the image on the first one! Is that a stamp? Or a digi? It's way cool!

    What concert did you see??

  3. They're completely digital.
    And we saw Celtic Woman, it was sooooo fine. I feel almost human again.

  4. Loving the bookmarks! Yes, tell us all about the concert because I'm nosy, very nosy and want to live vicariously!

    Oooh, should have read the comments - Celtic Woman - I always see the PBS shows of theirs. Did you like it a lot, a little, or so much you are going to follow them around the country? (lol)

    I am glad you feel almost human again, I wish it were 100% fabulous but I'll take what I can!

    Word verification: wogiamsi
    (hmmm...I'd use that as the medical term for why you are not your usual self - I'd be interested in your story, co-worker, but you see, I have a terrible relapse of wogiamsi that makes it impossible to listen further.)

  5. These are gorgeous! I really love them!!!

  6. Man, you do great work with the computer. I love these, totally cool! Celtic Woman, I've seen it on PBS, love the music, would be awesome to see in person! Although I did see River Dance a long time ago, it was waaaayyy cool.

  7. I think I'd spend all my time looking at your bookmark and forget about reading! LOL

  8. These are great, love the lady on the left with the long neck.
    Have been to scrapartist via your link, and love Christine Honsinger's designs. Endless creativity there, thank you.

  9. I LOVE these bookmarks..... I have hundreds that I collect, and just a few that I've made. I like to think the bookmark I use matches the book I'm reading, but really that's WAY too hard. I always grab the nearest thing, which is why I have hundreds of bookmarks and the book I'm reading now has a boarding pass in it instead!! But now I'm inspired to make something more, but they'll never be as glorious as yours.


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