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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Digital Whisper #17

Hi y'all!  I have to go to work shortly, but I spent the morning making a LO for the Digital Whisper challenge this week.  It's digital.  (duh)
I only say that because I started out putting together a paper LO and then remembered, it's DIGITAL Whisper, dum dum!  Here is the image we were given:

And here is my digital LO:  (tee hee)

If you have, ahem, somewhat more "mature" eyes, like I do, you may want to click on the picture to make it larger.  It works so much better than pressing your nose up against the monitor.


  1. Love it! You have brought a very sad lighthouse to life!

  2. haha, great lo, it would be fun to live in a lighthouse....

  3. Hi Electra, You make me think with your art - is that what you intend? And because you make me think - I've just awarded you the Cherry on Top Award.... check out my blog for details if you want...Thankyou for bringing something extra to my life.

  4. Another fab digi piece! Love it! And I didn't even have to enlarge it! lol!

  5. What a fab. image and I love that you have put it with bright bright colours and windows. Love this layout.

    I am reading your blog backwards from your most recent post about what you would change about yourself and being more friendly and outgoing.
    I think this quote answers the question about having no regrets. Sometimes thinking is so overrated as it can kill a good mood stone dead!

  6. LOVE this. Especially the pink door.


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