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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

En Francais, s'il vous plait

PS:  This is a late addition to my original post.  My buddy who was experiencing the same thing told me exactly how to stop the French from happening.  I switched my language settings from Canadian to American.  So now I have dual citizenship.  Lol  and I suppose the only things that could go wrong now is that my 'puter may switch to Spanish?  Hmmm.  Maybe I should go take some night classes....
OK, I HAVE to tell you this.  Right now.  I was blurfing over at a friend's blog a few moments ago and reading what she wrote and look at this:
Can you believe itÉ I sure couldn``t...god damn french keyboard! I fricken hate Windows 7 sometimes.Do you see the "E" where a question mark should be?  That's FRENCH.  THAT's what happens to me too.  Out of the blue, when I least expect it, all of a sudden, my puter will refuse to type things like question marks (which are English) and in their place give me stupid accented French letters.

For those of you who have talked about my "unusual" comments about my puter, and I know you are out there, this is proof positive that I am not a lunatic!  So go back to all your friends at the coffee shop who you mentioned your crazy friend Electra to, and tell them, "Electra is not nuts!"

It must be a Canadian thing.

And for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, never mind.


  1. Funny ! hugs Wendy

    And I never thought your were crazy?? okay I lied maybe a little but thats okay...

  2. Did you create this piece? 'Cause it is totally and completely amazing! As for you being crazy...well, I still think you are, but that's 'cause all the cool kids are! HA!

  3. No, I totally believed you the first time. I did. Seriously. It could only happen in Canada. lol. And that layout or whatever it is, is just amazing.

  4. To eliminate said "bug" from your Windows 7 search "Languages" down there on the glowing logo. Go into each of the options above and change or delete the "Canadian French" option for keyboard and location and identity and whatever else it shows up under.

    In other words, make your computer believe you are, in fact, an American. Works every time!

  5. You are a nut. And that's why I keep coming back. I'll have to tell my coffee clutch that not only are you still crazy, but that there is yet another one out there. LOL. You have to be crazy, cuz like Jingle said, all the cool kids are. :-P

  6. Fun, sweet, bold---this piece makes me smile!


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