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Monday, September 6, 2010

Zip Lines

I promised I would post a bit more about our Montana zipline adventure. FINALLY, I'm doing that.
It was such a blast, I would recommend anyone give it a try.  I did them in St. Lucia a few years ago, but this time was WAY more high-tech.  There, a big guy was waiting to catch you at the next treetop.  Here, they have springs and pullies.  The only drawback to that is that as you hike up the moutain, you have to carry twenty pounds of gear.  Darn near killed me, that did.  The ziplines themselves were a piece of cake after the hike.
1.  Training

The Torpedo:

(To go fast.  Like I want to.  Not.)

The Starfish:
(to slow yourself down) 

Cute guy, huh?

2.Ready To Go!

3.  Going Higher

Pretty, eh?
Now keep in mind, I've never been on a chair lift (is that what it's called?)
THAT scared me.  I thought I was going to break my neck getting on.  Or getting off.  Or in the middle.  Geesh.

4.  the Adrenaline.
Now, keep in mind, we've completed the CLOTHESLINE,
which was 800 feet long and 25 feet above ground.

As we were hiking Up, Up, Up, we noticed a couple of power lines above the trees.  With those orange disc-y things to keep planes from running into them.

Except they weren't power lines.  They were our ziplines.

1862 feet long. 300 feet above ground.

5.  We're up next.

I love you Kaitlin!  I love you Mommy!

(I can't tell you what I said after that.  This is a family blog.)

5.  ACTION!!

Now before you watch this, I have to warn you, it ain't that easy to make a movie as you're trying not to die.  You'll need to cock your head to the left at the beginning, and a couple of times again, and as we're coming in for a landing, but hey.  You can pretend you're actually DOING the Adrenaline with us!!!

That was ne in the red helmet. Notice my perfect torpedo form.  Not being silly like the videographer.

6. We Survived!

I look a bit hysterical.  I know.

7.  The Highline
(yeah, right)

This one was so fast, they tied a purple parachute to my a$$.
We have a video of that, but I'll spare you.
As we neared the end of this one, I was thinking to myself.  THIS is going to hurt.
And it did.  I was shaking so hard, they had to hold me up.

8.  The Finale

What can I say?
It's kind of anti-climactic.  I admit it.


  1. I did this once about ten years ago and remember screeching and screaming my head off -- and you look like you had more fun than I did!! Although afterwards, I was considering doing it again...!

  2. Yep, I think you've convinced me to add this to my bucket list!

  3. That looks like fun, but I don't know....I think I would chicken out!

  4. That looks way cool, and I'm so glad you survived! What an awesome experience, I bet you're glad to have both feet on the ground, though!

  5. Holy, wowsers. You are a BRAVE lady. You are certainly NOT ORDINARY. I, however, resemble one of those birds in your art piece. (Chicken!)

  6. Oh my gosh, that looks like equal parts scared silly and fun as all get out!!! I want to do this, I really do, you've inspired me!

    What a fun thing to have done together!

  7. I still CANNOT believe you did that and seeing the pictures it's even worse and far more scary than I imagined.
    Good for you, you brave girl!!!!

    Me? I'm going to keep my fat arse firmly on my computer chair and am never going to do anything like that, ever. No Way.

    I love the evil eye look of the red cardinal in your brilliant layout!


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