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Saturday, September 25, 2010

September Dress-up

FINALLY, my September dress for  September Dress Up is done.  Well, to tell you the truth, I did a dress about a week ago and then realized I was a month off in my months and had to put it aside and make another one.  You'll see what I mean when I post NEXT month's dress.  THIS month, I thought it should have something to do with school, it being back-to-school-month and all.  So, that's what I did.

The paper is from Bo Bunny's line, A Gift of Love.  (CAN YOU BELIEVE I KNOW THAT???? I never know what I've used.  I am SO PROUD of myself!!!)
I edged it with Tim Holtz' Antique Linen Distress ink (yup, I know that too!) and stamped it with a stamp.
I don't know whose stamp it is, you can't win them all.
In fact, that's about all I know.
The lace belt and collar, rickrack, apple, buttons, and owl are from my stash (That, I'm sure of) and the little girl is covered with crackle.
she looks like she's nervous doesn't she?  Grade One can make you feel that way.
The apron?
Red.  Sewn.
There you have it.
Visit Margaret's wonderful September Dress Up and drool at the amazing wardrobes.  It makes Saks Fifth Avenue look like the Bargain Bin.
I love my dress this month.


  1. oooh its a gorgeous school marm type of dress!!
    Are you in Halloween mode for the next one, i am , i have been waiting all year !!!

  2. Gorgeous little school dress! Love all the details.

  3. Your back to school dress is precious in every detail!


  4. Oh loverly pretty dress, so many wonderful touches!
    I think you'll be teacher's pet with this one ;-)

  5. Such a sweet back to school dress! I love the stitched apron and the stamping detail - and that little girl - awww, her first day!

    (thanks for your lovely comment on my dress too)

  6. Fab Electra, love the little stitched apron and your coolours are perfect.
    Methinks the month of October will be orange?!!!! could be wrong...Mx

  7. I am so impressed with this dress and also impressed you knew what all those materials were.

    For some reason, I must either want this swap to be over (not true), or have my dates confused (possibly) because I had August as my back-to-school dress and falling autumn leaves as my September dress. I really like your timetable better.


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