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Saturday, September 4, 2010


I need some colour in my life.  So I did this LO.  This is a little girl we met in Montana, she gave us a tour through her yard and showed us all of her dad's (amazing) artwork.  I asked her if I could take her photo, and I'm going to send it to her parents as a thank you gift, along with some photos I took of his artwork.  He was building a house for his family, after their original house burnt down in a fire not too long ago.  I'm guessing he must have lost some of his work too, although all the kids were fine, and that's all that matters.  Anyhoo, she is sitting in a gazebo he built, which was decorated with Thai prayer flags.  How cool is that?

Her name is Luna.

...and this next one I made for my daughter, who is having dog challenges at her new house down south this weekend.  First her new dog ran away, the second day in their new place, and then she came back, like, five days later.  HOWEVER, my girl is babysitting a couple of other dogs and now Zoe is pissed off and so she's peeing everywhere.  And the girl had to miss her first shift at her new job, thanks to this evil canine.
I love you girl, this too shall pass.

As I write this, behind me, the TV is showing Stephen Hawking's "Into the Universe" and he is theorizing about alien life forms.  I can't turn around and watch it because I'm in the midst of a Dean Koontz novel about the war of the worlds (and our world is currently losing) and I'm too freaked out to look.  I turned around once but got really scared, so I won't look again.  I'll just listen.  It's very interesting.  Really.  Maybe I'll just make another LO.  Or Blurf!!  That's it, I'm going to visit my bloggy friends!!  Bye now.


  1. I told you I should have taken that cute little dog. I would dye him rainbow colours, just like the kids did, and call him my ewok.

    Pooh on your head for not letting me smuggle him out lol

    p.s. So the visual verification thing did not come up on my screen, for whatever reason. Anywho, you should press the little handicap symbol, it is really funny. It is an asian man saying some numbers, and in the background a bunch of weird sounds are heard. I firmly believe that it is a bunch of aliens having some beer at a pub in space. BAHAHAH

  2. Amazing layouts, and what a cute little girl. I'm sure they'll love it! The doggie one is cute, too, they can be a real PITA sometimes, but we're suckers.

  3. Wonderful layouts. I love all the colors you use. Luna's parents are sure to love the layout too.

  4. Glad to see you back and crafting prolifically again! I'm 12 posts behind sorry, I ODed on blogging the other week and have had to spend time under a rock recovering.

    Luna is a lucky girl to get that gorgeous layout.

    Love your doggie layout; what a character she is, look at that expression in the top shot, she's saying "Passed me over have you? Don't worry about it, vengeance is mine..."

    On the flip side of demon dogs, Jennifer Crusie says this about male dogs
    "There is something to be said for a male who loves you desperately, is always glad to see you, and never makes you mad."



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