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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Altered Metal With Paint

And I have made a self portrait:
I've used the technique on my lovely body. 
In it's former life it was an earring.
The arms are by Rian of Freubel, the legs and my lovely head are by Julia of Cemerony, the "artful Me' quote is by Lisa's Altered Art and the rest of it?  Well it's from my humungeous stash of course.  I had to tell you that?
She looks exactly like me, dontcha think?
Well, yes, her eyelashses are longer.
 Much, much longer.
I wear that kind of skirt too.  Every day.  To work.
Belly dancing music follows me everywhere I go.
Are you still with me?
Well have a lovely day then.
Unless of course, you're making other plans.


  1. A fabulous and original piece am so loving this. Brilliant make and such fun. Annette x

  2. How totally cool and fun this is! Love it!

  3. Like your style Electra and your name! Here's something to make you smile next time you go searching for additional work ensembles:


    It looks to me like you already KNOW how to blog!!

  4. And how cute you are in your lil self portrait. This turned out terrific. Cute, Cute, Cute.

  5. Great piece - makes me smile bigtime!!! I have been pawing through all my old jewelry collections lately too!!!

  6. Wow! She really does look just like you. I was wondering where that belly dancing music was coming from.

    Lovely work and lots of fun!

  7. I'm loving this too, Electra! I'm so happy that you stopped by my blog on your OWOH tour! This piece is just awesome. I love how you've used Rian and Julia's pieces to create your own! Hugs, Terri

  8. Electra, I LOVE THIS! What a wonderful and perfectly brilliant way to approach the altered metal challenge! Girl, you have the best imagination and such a great eye for color and composition, not to mention a world class sense of humor. That skirt is FABULOUS (if a little immodest, you naughty girl who wears this to work0, and the look on her (your?) face is priceless. As always, you art just makes me happy.

  9. Gorgeous! I can definitely imagine you in that skirt with the belly dancing music!

    oooh boy...two glasses of wine with dinner was two too many!


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