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Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep

and does NOT know where to find them.

Perhaps she will find them over at Dezinaworld's Spot Challenge
Ms. Peep is by Dezinaworld
The little doggy is by Land of Nod
The background is by Holliewood.
And the sheep in the room?  Well, where does one get a sheep?

From Googleland, of course. Silly question.

Personally, I think he spotted the big stick she's carryin and he'll be pretty good at hiding for some time more.


  1. Gorgeous! It's Black history month so it is also appropriate choice.

  2. Always a treat to see what you've come up with! lol! I love this, that sheep is a real crack up.

  3. Fantastic work on this one my friend. Love this piece, beautifully crafted and put together. thanks so much for joining in the challenge this week
    hugs June x

  4. This is Fantastic! I love the little wings on the dog! Beautiful Collage!!
    Nancy :D

  5. Funny page Electra, the sheep looks like he's looking through a cat flap (or should that be a sheep flap). :-) xx

  6. So cute! I love the colors.


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