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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feeling Sketchy

The Gluei Poobahs have given us a sketch this week and suggested we use it as a jumping off point for a creation.
Here is the sketch:
I don't follow directions very well.  Never have.  Not that I have a formal diagnosis or anything (well, that's not EXACTLY true, I did once, but it was in the midst of a particularly bad adolescent year).
But I did VERY well this week.

It's not very fancy, but it's perfect, as far as I'm concerned.  It's for a litle girl (well, I guess 11 isn't really little) who has JUST discovered scrapbooking and she likes purple.  And my friend Jana, who just HAPPENS to be one of the OG Poobahs, mentioned that she's been purging her studio and SO DID I!
And this purple card will be sitting on top of the box of goodies, my little friend is going to get in the mail.
So Poobahs, I salute you!
(and if you are not poobah-savvy and think I have totally lost my ind and am speaking in toungues. (oh!  Is that how you put a cross through a word!  I thought it was spell-check!) tongues, have no fear!
Take a Risk!  Kick your heels up and...well, you get the picture.
But you'll like them.  A lot.
You will too so.


  1. good job on your sketch challenge. What a wonderful surprise for her.
    What a good life lesson you are teaching her.

  2. this turned out great...i also have an 11 year old scrapper who loves purple...and loves getting stuff in the mail, so you are totally on the right track with that surprise! she will love it! and yes, 11 is still a little girl...hopefully for a while, anyway....

  3. We like you a lot too!

    I love this card and it is going to make the budding scrapbooker sooooo happy - what a lovely treat!

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

  4. Perfect use of the sketch. Kudos to your rule following (this time anyway) hehe

  5. Love this! That rosette is fabulous, and there will be a very happy 11 year old in the near future! lol!

  6. This is PERFECT. I love that you followed directions. LOL. YAY for purging AND finding a good home for your goodies. That is one lucky little girl. (11 IS still a little girl. Has to be. My youngest is 11 and she is my baby. LOL) We love you at OPUS GLUEI. Thank you for playing with us!!!


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