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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Friday again.

Funny how that seems to happen every week.  Look at this image:
Now look at this image:

See anything different about it?
The lady is from Dover Editors, the gentleman (well, I GUESS we shouldn't call him a gentleman under the circumstances) is by Freubel.
The bugle is a dingbat.   Can you hear it?
Da Da Da DAH!!!
(Well, I know what I mean.)
Maybe it's the guy who's the dingbat.
But I digress.
You'll want to go visit Freubel's site, she has some very cool work there.
And while you're at it, you might want to go say hello to Peggy at Friday Foto Collage.
She has some more fun "playgroundy" images for you to play with this week.
You'll have so much fun.
I certainly did.

OK, I'm done now.  You may go to bed.
Good night.


  1. Hi, Electra! Love your sense of humor too! Both your playground piece and "sore loser" piece are fantastic.

  2. LOL, this is fantastic, Electra!

  3. I love your mind!!!!
    thanks for playing again!!!!
    I always look forward to see what you do!!!

  4. LOL! This is a good one! Love it!

  5. LMAO...This is great.


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