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Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm playing catch up today.  For the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to sit at the computer, (nor go up and down stairs, for that matter) due to an infection in my leg. I've just been sitting on the couch with it encased in ice.
I am so happy.
So now I have a couple of things to post.
this week at Take A Word the theme is
As soon as I saw that I started singing the Beatle's song of the same name. 
(and I haven't stopped since)
OK, so here goes:
The background is by Doris Castle.
The flying mannequin (I think that's what she is called) is by Beth Rimmer.
The hats on both are by Fidlette Designs.
The Bird Cage is by Valerie Brincheck.
The blackbird (which could possibly be a crow, but who would know?) is by Lisa's Altered Art.
Didn't I do well remembering?
I'm impressed with myself.
Hold your applause, it probably won't last.
but thanks just the same.


  1. Sorry you've been layed up and hope things are on the mend! Bending the leg sounds like a positive sign. Very Cool art!! Is it an image on your computer or something you've actually cut and pasted together? It looks awesome in either scenario!! Also glad you've found your self worthy of a banner (chuckle) that was cute too!!

  2. This is digital. Thanks for your kind words, Sall!

  3. I hope your leg continues to heal.

    I love your blackbird layout! Too cute.

  4. Hi Electra! Your blackbird piece is wonderful - lots of movement and joy and superb colours. I love it! Great work.

  5. Wow, another really fantastic piece! Love the way your blog is looking, too...hope your leg continues to get better...!

  6. I'm so sorry that you've had the infection, jeez, get better very soon! Also, thank you for the lovely digital piece here and now I'm humming Blackbird. Which is not such a bad song to have stuck in your head really.


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