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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Challenge 117 at OG

"The OG?"
"The OG?"
"What's the OG?" you ask.
Geesh, don't you come here often?
The OG is only the bestest, funnest Challenge blog in Blogland.
Well, in my humble opinion, anyways.
The OG,my friends, is none other than

I'm not kidding, guys, you HAVE TO check this out!

OK, now to get to the point.
Our wonderful Gini, from across the pond has posted our challenge at the OG for the next two weeks
and it is called:
What's On Your Head?

no, not "What's on your mind"?
although at the OG we interpret our challenges very loosely, so if that's what you want to do, go for it.

Hasn't this happened to us all, girls, at one time or another?
Although from the look on this one's face, I suspect it was not accidental.
The cat, BTW, is the bouncer.  This is a chi-chi poo-poo nightclub.
OK, get to it, show us what's on your head.
You have until November 19th. No excuse, right?

If you can think it.
You can wear it.
On your head, that is.


  1. OG??? more like OMG...I love's hilarious and the way your mind crafts facinates me!

  2. LOL love the headwear just brilliant.
    Everybody eventually gets upstaged by a cat :-)
    Once upon a time we had 4 cats and that was too many competing egos in one house!

  3. HAHAHA! This is great. I love your sense of humor. The name of the nightclub is hilarious as well.


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