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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Hanukka Song

The Belles of
 challenged us this week to make a non-traditional Holiday card.  Such as a Hanukka card.
I just happen to have a Hanukka stamp in my card-arsenal, so this should have been easy.  (WHY is nothing ever easy???)  (she says with a wail in her voice.)
All sorts of things did not go according to plan (wha does that even surprise me?),
but I DID get a card made.  And it's kind of pretty, if I do say so myself.
And in case you are thinkg that I spelled "Chanukah" incorrectly and that was one of the things that didn't go according to plan, and well, Electra must have said, oh the hell with it...
NOT SO, gentle readers.
I grew up in a Jewish neighbourhood and "Chanukah" is another way of spelling "Hanukka".
That is your lesson for the day.
Now go out there and use the word "gefilte fish" in a sentence!


  1. Your card is not kind of pretty, it is beautiful. I would never know you ran into any problems.

  2. well, i can SO RELATE to things NOT going as planned and the attendant frustration... BUT... i have to say that is indeed a lovely card, and a truly FAB♥U♥LOUS chanukah stamp, as well!!! (plus, the tassels are uttely inspired!!!) well done, you!

  3. Love the wonderful silver ... and those tassels are perfection ... so glad you joined us at jingle belles.


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