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Monday, November 28, 2011

Candy Kisses

As opposed to Savoury Kisses.
Never Mind.
Card 48 at Jingle Belles is just that:
Candy Kisses!
or something sweet.
For some unknown reason I bought this candy-covered paper a couple of years ago.
I say "unknown" because I really don't like it and have never really used it successfully in anything.
Must have been on sale.
until now!!!!
I can't remember the make of the paper, so I'm not really dissin' them, but isn't it just
the most perfectest paper
for this challenge?!?
Y'know, even if I didn't finally have a way to showcase this horrible paper,
I would be ever so glad I've discovered the belles at
cus let me tell you, they really do rock.
And if I had been doing this all year, I would now have 48,
count em, 48 Christmas (and one Hanukkah) cards ready to address and mail!
How amazing is that?

So next year, I will be there
every single week
making a card and going gaga over the cards THEY make for us each week.
I have a whole year to make 48 friends.


  1. I say ditto...I am jumping on board that train as well...but this card is perfect with that paper...I am the same with your tree paper that you used with the background...I must have 50 sheets of it and lots (actually, I should probably say all) of the coordinating stuff....went crazy buying at a crop once...but I don't like brown and red and green together, so I have such a hard time using it up...

  2. Oh my word ... you have created the ultimate candy mountain ... I expect to see a unicorn living there ... so very fun ... and so glad you turned something less than desirable ... into a holiday masterpiece ... can't wait to see you at jingle belles in 2012.

  3. I can't believe you don't like that candy covered Sassafras paper! I think it's such a super cute line and this card is perfect for it!

    Looking forward to seeing more in the new year - you'll have fun all year long, I can tell you!

  4. well if ya count me-n-stef (which i hope you do!) you only need to make *46* more friends!!!!!!!! :) :) :) and somehow i do not see that being any kind of problem for you, my dear! awesome card and *YES* that is the perfectest paper indeed--and brilliantly well used by you of course! ♥

  5. I'd say you've done an excellent job using paper you hate! :)


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