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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful for raffia

That post title doesn't really work, does it.
Well, so what.
This week at my favoritest blog
Challenge #118 is
How can you NOT join in, with a theme like that?
Like me, f'rinstance.
I am not having a good day, nor week, nor month, if you want to get technical about it.
But I can still find lots of things that I'm grateful for.

That's doesn't mean you have to make something in the gratitude theme, it could be any number of things.C'mon, play along with us!

And because I put a bit of raffia on this, I'm linking up with Gingersnap Creations
(I couldn't think of anything very creative to do with the raffia, try as I might,
but I'm never one to let a little detail like that stop me from playing along.)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my 'merican friends!


  1. Beautiful card and thank you! Like you, times have not been really well but I am thankful everyday for something. Have a wonderful week, My dear friend.

  2. Such a gorgeous creation. Thanks for joining us at Gingersnap CreationS!

  3. I too am thankful for of my favorite non-ribbon ribbons...I love the colours and paper in this card...spectacular...thanks for letting me know about my links...been running around like the headless chicken that I am lately....trying to get it all done before the crunch and all...

  4. You are so very right ... focusing on the positive is very important ... and I love your thoughtful design ... so glad you joined us a Gingersnap Creation.


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