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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My workdesk always looks kind of mucky, I think.
I have this nice new white studio, and this old, stained cutting mat on top of my desk.
HOWEVER, the mat is such a great tool, that I just cannot give it up.
I originally got it when I was making quilts obssessively (much the same way as I do paper art now)
What you see is Halloween fixin's that I got at Mikey's for 90% off.  I still have 6 Halloween inchies to swap...some of us just won't let go.
And you see a domino book I am making of teeny-tiny little Queens.
And a Christmas decoration for use in 36 Christmas inchies I need to get started on.
You can see lots more, less mucky workdesks at
C'mon, show us yours!


  1. Always good to have something to obsess over! Mine is inky too, I like it that way, it looks used and loved!

  2. Mine get so well abused I have no choice but to replace it periodically - wouldn't be without it though! At least if you are obsessed about something you give it a good run before moving on and then you have that skill forever (well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.....)

  3. Looks ok to me - well used, well love, and useful!! Happy WOYWW. Helen , 12

  4. Lots of loveliness and activity here - happy crafting - Hazel WOYWW #43 x

  5. Hi there; thank you for sharing your place of creativity with us this week, it was great to pop in and visit.
    Neil #58

  6. Like the look of that grid stamp although I cant quite make out what it is - is it a house? also love the domino book didnt realise what that was until I read - my eye sight must be going! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sunshine Girl – No 34

  7. I have two mats - one new and one that's a disgrace but works fine - so don't feel guilty. I think your place looks very crafty, creative and busy - like a good desk should! Thanks for sharing today, Sarah at 2.

  8. I have a large green mat that continues to do a great job. It has seen me through many an inky, crafty obsession.

  9. Just doing a quick pass through today ... I am going to get everyone visited!!! No a mucky desk ... a hive a creativity.
    Happy WOYWW
    Cathy xx #19

  10. Great desk , thanks for sharing!
    Have a happy WOYWW!;-)
    Hugs Marleen #10

  11. It looks fab and a lot of fun my friend
    hugs June x

  12. Everything looks so FUN!!! That is one heckavu good looking stamp!

  13. Looks like you have a lot going on tfs! Happy WOYWDW :O) Viv xx

  14. Yes we do have favourite toys that we cant bear to get rid of huh.
    Bridget #29

  15. For being number 1 this week, I'm awfully late visiting. I'm so sorry I'm late, but, after a computer crash I had to stop by and get a bit of inspiration from your desk. I use a craft mat that I can clean with soap and water. I know what you mean by ugly, because the cover on my work table is looking really bad.


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