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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Before I begin, have you been over to see what Julia has posted this week on her blog
Cus it's gorgeous.
Here is my slightly boring workdesk.

GORGEOUS vintage Christmas paper from Memory Lane.  Is it not to die for?
And a couple of ATC's on top.
On the left, in the corner is a stack of real-live-not-digital scrapbook pages I'm am getting done.
I've missed it, even though I really love doing digital work.
OK, so, see the shiny thinglet kind of at the top?
Well, it's a domino book I showed you on my workdesk a week or two ago
and I promised I would show the finished project.
So I shall do just that.
The title page:

Lisa's Altered Art has a "Queens" series and I loved them so much I made this tiny book.
(with the help of a perfect tutorial by Laura Carson of
Some of the deets:

You can't say I didn't warn you about all the pics,
I admit, it needs some fine-tuning.
But I like it.
A lot.
And it's for me.
I don't mind the imperfections.
Did you know that the Amish say when you make a quilt,
you should always make one mistake somewhere, because only God can make perfection?
Or something like that.
Well, think of this as an Amish Domino book.
My first.
I'll get better.
Thanks for satying with me, if you're still out there.
Hello? Hello?


  1. I think it's lovely! I've wanted to make a domino book for ages. Perhaps I'll get around to it soon. Hugs xx

  2. Absolutely stunning ive only ever seen 2 yours is the second.The first is the one Neil sent to me via woyww and that was fab.Yours looks much bigger and absolutely stunning.All crafters make mistaks just some dont hide em
    Have fab wednesday pop by as i have candy up for grabs hugs judex 18

  3. Hi there. Thanks for letting us peek into your creative space this week. It's always inspiring seeing where and how we create! Hope the rest of your week goes very well for you. Great little project you've done there.
    Neil #31

  4. that domino book is fabulous...I always believe you need imperfection so that you can see how you have improved and progressed over the years...although I didn't see any imperfections in that little is darling!

  5. LOVE. THIS! WOW! And your desk looks full of future pretties, too!

  6. Love this - I have some dominoes lying about in a tin so I must do one too! Thanks for the inspiration! Sunshine Girl – No 19

  7. Hi Electra, brilliant - love that you've given them all titles :) Have a great week. Elizabeth x #81

  8. Beautiful domino book and thanks for all the detailed photos.
    Ann B

  9. That desk isn't boring, love all those great Christmas goodies. And well done on the domino book too!

    Brenda 82

  10. that is a great dominoe book thingy... and I love lots and lots of photos cause then we get to appreciate all the lovely details xx

  11. I love the way you've matched the faces to the titles - Beauty and Glamour really stood out for me, lol!! Kooky and off-the-wall, ~I loved it!
    hugs, LLJ #39 xx

  12. Loving these little beauty queens - fabulous images and great creations! Thanks for taking some time to share your desk...Sarah at 14.

  13. What a great sparkly colourful desk, love your book it looks super. Have a lovely day. Laura

  14. I don't see any imprefections, what a great little book - love the Queens, how cute. Am not remotely into digital, so I say hurrah when I see that you're doing 'real' as are indeed multi skilled.

  15. I've never heard of a domino book before. This is an amazing project! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #70

  16. That's fabulous! Love all the little queens!

  17. I love that there are lots of photos, I keep scrolling up and down your post taking in the beauty, it's a fantastic book. xx

  18. This is just beautiful Electra!


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