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Sunday, June 2, 2013


I didn't have a wonderful photo of a bride that I could use for this,
although I will have one in about a month, after my own darling daughter is a bride!
But in the meantime:
In case you're wondering, not far from where I live,
 in the Terrington Gopher Hole Museum,
 the only one  (as far as I know) in the world.
In it are marvelous (if a little twisted) 
dioramas made by the senior citizens of the town.

There is a church with a preacher (and an angel), 
a hair salon, a hold-up in the bank,
 a garage sale, a post office,
 a young biker couple (complete with tiny Harley)
and so on.

This was the bridal couple.

Hey, do you know why second time brides don't wear a veil?
Cus she want to be sure to see what she's getting.

This is for

I hope to see you over there!


  1. and for the mom--stay calm and carry on! congratulations on your daughters wedding. fun picture today.

  2. This adorable bridal couple made me giggle! I hope they have many happy years together. And congrats to you on your daughter's upcoming wedding!

  3. You must be excited and inspired by your daughter's wedding to be! The furry couple is just so adorable! Love this!


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