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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Give Me Wings

Challenge #159 at
is presented to us by our sweet, multi-talented Poobah Rosemary this time.
She is inviting us to make something, anything to do with wings.  
If you know us at all, 
you know that we are not particularly anal about our
interpretation of our guidelines.
You could repurpose something that's been sitting around in your backyard 
for the past ten years, 
that has had a fly-by of a bird as that bird was heading south.
I made a tag.
The lady is an image from Dezinaworld, 
the background is a Ranger tag that I just fooled around with, 
with no particular plan in mind, 
and the words are from one of Tim Holtz' new stamps, 
that I couldn't afford but bought anyways.
You know how THAT goes, don't you?
 The wings themselves are made out of a couple of layers of
Fantasy Film, that I placed overtop of an old
Inkadinkado butterfly stamp that I had laying around,
which I had inked up really well with STAZON ink.
Then I ironed the film onto the rubber 
(not clear! - this is hot, folks!) stamp.
And when I peeled if off:

How magical is that?
(BTW, I placed my Ranger Craft Mat over top of the film when I ironed it)
You could do this too and make wings. 
Put them on your cat's back.
Make a headband for yourself and send us your self-portrait.
Heck, sneak up on the person you like least in your office, when s/he 
is napping in the lunchroom and take a photo of them with the wings 
sprouting out of their back.
(make sure you make a copy for the boss)
tee hee
Join us.

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  1. You are SO MUCH more creative than I'll ever be........I'm totally befuddled by the description of how you made the wings (maybe some things dont cross the oceans so well) but they're amazing, and I want some for myself. Life sized.


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