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Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's the final day of the
Midsummer's Eve Blog Hop!
Have you been hopping with us?
Isn't there some incredible art by our members?
It takes my breath away, to tell you the truth.
I've had such fun.
credits:  Gecko Galz, Fidlette Designs, Studio 68, Beth Rimmer, Ikupilli,
 Finecrafted Designs, Syndee Nuckle, and Holliewood Studios

Digital Whisper is an amazing community which welcomes ALL Digital Artists.
Digital Whisper has several groups that you may choose to join 
and many have challenges and offer tutorials that help 
in learning new techniques to grow as an artist.
Weekly Challenges are also posted if you choose to not join any of our groups.
Masterpieces are created everyday and
We are very proud of all the talent we have in our community,
 so whether you are a newbie or you have been creating for years, 
we would love to have your share your Digital Whispers with us! 

Just click on the badge on the right sidebar and it will take you to our group.

 Midsummer's Eve Blog Hop!

You are invited to visit the member's blogs 
and take a look at some of the magic we create!

It hopefully will inspire you to join us and learn and enjoy!

I want to thank you for joining us in our first Blog Hop
and hope that it has been as magical for you as it has been for us.
Do check us out at Digital Whisper, if you haven't done so already,
and please join us as we learn together, share our art and
our love for all things digital.

And thank you for stopping by!


  1. Electra, this one is the best of the magical and festive. All of your blog hop pieces have been special with lots of elements and layers to bring them to life. It has been fun visiting and viewing more of your artistic talents uploaded to your blog.

  2. Electra, this is a gorgeous piece of art...Just beautiful! I've had so much fun hopping to each of the blogs, it's been wonderful to see all the artistic talent on everyone's blog. Have a beautiful day!

  3. Electra---This is a absolutely gorgeous post and your art work is exquisitely stunning! All of the magical and enchanting details in your art really made the whole piece shine!!! Stunning work!

  4. Very nice Electra. So much to look at and the more you look the more you notice. Great job!


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