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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

There are those who would say there is no gothic arch

in my piece for The Three Muses
They would be wrong.
It's there.  In fact, that's what I started with.
But as with al OCD-y type folk, I got carried away and 
it may have gotten obscured by other stuff.
So be it.  
Scoffers can scoff.
I know it's there.
crecitsL  Cemerony, Bonnie Zeiman, Altered Emporium,
Finecrafted Designs and Mickroferk.

So call the Art Police if you think I'm not being truthful.
And I guess I would end up in Art Jail.
Do they have mixed media supplies there?
Is the food good?
Anything for my craft!

Thanks for looking.
Might you have some bail money you could spare?


  1. Great piece of art. Love the colours and details!

  2. I can see it Electra, amongst your amazing Gothic imagery, exceptional piece!

  3. I see the gothic arches also and that face is really creepy. Lots of layers and details. Love it

  4. Another masterpiece indeed my friend!
    It's really beautifully done and scarrrrrry! Brrrr... I'm impressed!

  5. Thanks for the smiles, Patti! I see the arches too! Wonderfully spooky piece. I hope you never have to find out what Art Jail is like! And me either!

  6. Impressive and wonderfully done art piece. Real Gothic arches.

  7. I can see it too. This is wonderfully creepy--I love the wire fencing and the frames within frames.

  8. Such a lot to look at. Brilliantly done and I can see the arch! xx

  9. I seriously doubt there'll be any scoffers. This is a wonderfully mysterious gothic piece, Patti. Loud applause from my part of the world!

  10. Amazing dark imagery so perfectly collaged!


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