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Sunday, June 23, 2013

True Happiness

Electra here,
I was blessed a few days ago to be invited my my friend, Marie, 
to create something for this week's
I was thrilled!
And I had just finished a canvas the very day she asked me, 
so the theme took care of itself.
  I started with some Bo Bunny paper and built it up from there, 
using all sorts of stuff I had lying around.
a couple of days after I told Marie what theme I would like,
our city got hit with the worst flooding that has ever taken
place in our area and it's been chaos ever since. 
 Our city sits between two rivers, 
and we got 1/2 of our yearly rainfall in three days...
100,000 people evacuated, incredible damage,
the downtown core is under water. 
I live about 20km west of the city, above the town, 
kind of on a mountain,
 and I'm safe and dry.
Our town is being used as a staging area for the military.
I can honestly say, 
I never expected to see tanks driving down my street. 
 There are highways washed out east, west and south of us.
  To be honest, I think we are all a little shocked.
And so tired.
I work in the city and got the call-it happened so fast-
-we managed to evacuate 78 men in 8 minutes (I run three halfway houses) 
and found a safe place for them to stay.
It could be worse.
The homeless shelter had to move 1500.
But they are nearby, also warm and safe.
I just came from our halfway houses, 
there is 3 feet of black smelly water throughout.
But we are all warm and safe.
Some people lost everything.
Some have died.  And some are missing.
So, my theme remains
True Happiness
 It's fitting, don't you think?
Thanks Marie, I needed this, 
and thank you all for stopping by.
Count your blessings, my friends.
It can all change in a split second.



  1. Glad you are safe and dry, it was a terrible thing to have happen. Your collage is wonderful, still haven't got the real knack of doing cards by hand LOL Hugs

  2. Thank goodness you are alright! So many people are being affected by the terrible storms this year. Your bright, happy mixed-media piece is the perfect thing to lift anyone's spirit. Wonderful art!

  3. You conveyed the idea of true happiness perfectly. I would be repeating myself if I say I love your work but it is impossible not to do.So I will write that it is a true happiness to visit your blog and contemplate your unique art work. Thanks for sharing and spreading beauty. Have a super day!
    Karla B

  4. Beautiful, beautiful! So much to see. lovely work! xx

  5. I'm glad that you are safe.
    Your artwork is so wonderful with lovely elements. I really love it!
    to you

  6. Ouf, you're safe dear friend!
    Your canvas is really, really wonderful my dear!
    And what a job!! <3

  7. This is such a wonderful work you have made here,a perfect piece to show what true happiness is.

  8. What a contrast between your vibrant happy art and your story, I had no idea this was happening in your area. I'm glad you are alright. Your artwork is amazing and so intricate. I like the teddy bear.

  9. Wow, I did not realize that was happening there. So sorry to hear about this tragedy! I'm glad to hear you are ok! Your pieces are fabulous, as always! Take care, be thinking of you!

  10. Wow! I love the richness of this piece, Electra, as well as the very feminine imagery and colors. Blessings!


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