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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fish out of Water

OK, I screwed up.
But I had such a great time doing it.
When I saw the theme at 
"A Fish out of Water"
I got all excited and created this:

I like it
A lot.
if you know anything about
you know the only stipulation is that whatever you create
must be 4"x 6".
Hence, the name

So I got busy and made this:
What can I say?

credits for the first:
Beth Rimmer, Bonnie Zeiman, Rucola Designs,
Cryztal Rain, Tangie Baxter, Tumblefish Studio, and Gennifer Burbett
and for the second:
Rian Designs, Rinecrafted Designs, Joanne Brisbois, Beth Rimmer and
Susan Tuttle.

Now if you visit
you will find

But those folks read the directions.

Thanks for coming by. 


  1. These are wonderful, I love your sentiments, cheers

  2. You really made me laugh, but this confusion just proves that you´ve had fun with my theme, LOL!

  3. These are gorgeous, my dear! I love your postcard.

  4. Your post made me smile - and your artwork is fabulous no matter what size. Love both pieces so much!

  5. Both gorgeous. What a charmer of a fish and the textures, texts and layers are just wonderful.

  6. Your first picture is both funny and touching, after all, who could ask for a more romantic and loving sentiment from a suitor! I loved this one, so I'm glad you showed it to us and it's easy to see you had fun.
    I like the bold and confident fish, setting out to conquer a new world and create a fishy colony in their environment. I wish them well.


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