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Saturday, October 3, 2009


This will be a short post for tonight, only enough to post my Opus BLING submission. I did my first felt making class today (and loved it, I might add) and have been working on my Fall In Love book since I got home. Look at the time! Have to be up early for tomorrow's class, so I need to turn in.

Since I haven't had access to a camera, I've had to do a digital LO this week and it's far from as blingee

as I would have done otherwise. I guess the good thing about it is that I learned how to do a circle of embellishments. I enjoyed doing it nonetheless. We can pretend it's real bling.

Just lke we're pretending you can actually be a rock star with a tuba.



  1. Bling is bling. I love this layout. I think it is blingy. Digi bling works for me. Love that you are talented and flexible enough to improvise when needed. It's how we roll at Opus Gluei. Perfect.

  2. That's a mighty big instrument to hold up for any length of time. She must be very strong!
    Digi bling looks good to me, I can't tell that it's not real glitter paper!
    Happy felting!


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