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Friday, October 9, 2009

It's winter!!!!!

Jeez Louise, it was in the 90's two week's ago and it's minus 16 tonight. Has the world gone mad? I'm sorry, I can't listen to this global warming drivel ANY MORE!

I drove to Drum Wednesday and in a blinding white out, stopped to take some pictures. Later on, further down the highway, I pulled over cus I could not see to drive, and noticed that the entire right side of the truck was covered in hard ice. Thick hard ice.
It's just silly.
I am, however in a better frame of mind tonight. My girl came to visit and we went out to buy her some clothes for a birthday gift. We went to a new huge mall outside of the city and had a blast. Found some good deals (ie that I could afford) on some funky stuff and a couple of really nice tops for me. entire shops 40% off? I'll be back.
Then when we left there was another snowstorm and that's poopy cus we need to take the highway back. But we made it. Kaitlin said it's all arranged by the mall so that we panic and start to Christmas shop.
I had my overnight staff quit last night with no notice. Called in drunk. Well duh, at least he had the presence of mind to know that he couldn't supervise a bunch of violent offenders in that state.
So I had to do some fancy footwork and my awesome staff stepped up to the plate to keep the joint running for the week. It looks like I have someone to interview first thing Tuesday AM.
If you're American, this weekend is OUR Thanksgiving. The cook of course, is still sick. So I went in tonight and cooked the turket et al. I was a hit, I'm a fine cook.

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving - the weather was so cooperative eh?

    Called in drunk to quit, well, you have to admit he's a multitasker! But seriously, I am glad that you were able to get coverage for work.

    Also, I can feel the cold of that frozen photo down into my bones - brrrrrrrrr....wowza, talk about some wild weather. Stay warm, dry and safe!


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