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Monday, October 12, 2009


I've had turkey twice this weekend.  (URP!)
and didn't have to do dishes either time.  Could life be any better?  Having had a break for three days from the daily grind, I am now willing to go back to work and do it all again tomorrow.
It's been nice to have the girl in town for the long weekend, she goes home tomorrow morning.  I hope the snow stops and that she has a safe drive back home.
It's REALLY cold now, apparently at the Waterton gates it was minus 22 yesterday.  How rude is that????
It is however supposedly going to be 19 degrees ABOVE zero by the weekend. that's Celsius.  What is that in English?  65?  Oh, who knows, at least it's warmer.
Only in Canada do we make the kids' Halloween costumes big enough to go over parkas.  ;-)

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  1. I used to HATE wearing a coat over my costume so I'd take it off and look like a popsicle when I got home - but I was adamant about it!

    So, Thanksgiving was fun -love that turkey!


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