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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Traffic Chaos!

says the headline. My job is to find a way into work that does not involve a hill. The radio reports that paramedics and the police are busy, I see fire trucks blocking some lanes. There are two buses stuck at the top of the hill just north of work, luckily, I can turn off and go in another way.

I hear there is an 8-car pile-up on 14th, better not go that way. A car is facing backwards on the Calf Robe. Deerfoot is a parking lot. For hours. HOURS. I give thanks for my 4x4 and horn.
Cars are littered alongside the road, no one is going over 15 MPH.
Winter happens every year. Why is it that every year, the first snowfall breeds a nightmare on the streets of my city?
God, I wish I lived in Bermuda.

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  1. This is a beautiful layout, I haven't mastered the talent of a monochromatic scheme that well!

    No, you don't want to be in Bermuda - too many hurricanes and such! But I know what you mean about the bad weather bringing out the crazy reactions. Hope it wasn't too bad.


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