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Sunday, October 18, 2009


After all my whining this week about the crummy weather (aka snow), we have a Chinook. This guarantees warmer weather on the way. This is a picture of part of it. Basically, it's a huge arc of clouds across the city, something to do with the mountains west of us. Whatever the reason, it makes me very happy.


  1. What an amazing picture!

    Mr Linky brought me straight here!
    We have success!

    Re Zettiology.

    Teesha Moore developed this style, her website is very interesting. (Copy and paste the following web address into your address bar at the top of your web browser and press enter)

    And then this next link is a Zetti slideshow I had a look at, it's a round up of Zetti pictures from Flickr and it's constantly changing so we probably won't be looking at the same images but it was fascinating. A lot of the images were quite dark looking, a bit scary/macabre, which isn't my thing at all. Shiny doesn't feature at all in the style, but I like the mixture of the two. here's the web address

    Happy Crafting!


  2. What a beautiful picture this is; I hope it did ring some nicer weather and that things aren't so bitterly cold. There's plenty of time for that...sheesh.


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