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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Button Fairies

Have ya ever heard of button fairies? Me neither. I saw that button fairy ATCs were one of the swaps on Swap-bot and figured, well, why not? I can make a button fairy. (I think) So I googled it. Doncha just LOVE Google? It's like we don't even have to think anymore! They should just cancel school. for everyone. Dictionaries are obsolete, which actually works really well, IMO, as you can get them really cheap at the thrift store for altered art projects. Hey, 20 years from now will artists like you and me be using old computers to make altered art? Will all the real books be gone? Arrgghhh. Now I'm traumatized. I should never let my mind wander, it's too little to be out on its own.
Oh yeah, button fairies. I found out how to make them. And made some. I made a few, because one should always make a few of anything one is making. These are two of the few I made. The others are in the mail, but you can't see them until their recipients get them.
The images are from, well, um, what can I say, I googled something and found them. And the buttons are from my stash, especially the black buttons, some of which are from my mother's button box that I used to play with when I was a little girl. I LOVE those buttons. They will NOT be traded, not even if god himself wants to do a swap. The blue wings are a really old butterfly cut-out I got somewhere, and cut in half and the white wings aren't even for scrapbooking, I think I found them in some floral department somewhere. They're really pretty, all sparkly, except you can't see that in the photo. Hey, know why the blue lady is popular? If you look REAL close, behind her button body, you can see her bottom. Try to say that real fast. Button body bottom. Three times. I double-dog dare you.
Go ahead. Google button fairies. And then make some. We could start a trend. Except there may already be a trend and I just don't know because I never come out of my studio except when I have to, like, WORK. Yuk. Work. Don't get me started.
Have a funny day tomorrow.


  1. Great job on these! I've heard of them and seen them, but have never made one. They do look pretty cool, though. Guess I'm not much into fairies. If you're mind is too little to be out on it's own, they might make leashes for that particular situation. rofl. You're hysterical, but I think I've mentioned that before. Hmmm, my security phrase is luslvi, sounds Russian for lust.

  2. I love these button fairies. Yup, I can see the lusty look in the blue ones eyes. No wonder she's so popular. You gave me a giggle after a very long, long, long day. Thank you.

  3. Lori. Go to bed.
    And not alone. ;-)

  4. These are so amazing! You really do STUNNING ATC's! I love them!!!

  5. I dont know why I come visiting... its either for the truly amazing stuff you make, and I love it all and am so very jealous of your "creating gene", or for the crazy way you write that always makes my day. I'm with Jana, after some v-e-r-y long days, yours is the first place I visit. Dont change a thing!!

  6. Oh but I do DARE, I may be commenting for some time!!

    I think the size of either your brain or mine depends on what we compare it to.
    It is absolutely humongous when compared to an ant but is only little when compared to something like the titanic.
    The moral of this tale for both boys and girls is always compare yourself to something microscopic :-)

    I heart button fairies but need to increase my button stash before I try otherwise she will look like a boring shirt cuff.

    I can see why your blue fairy is popular, thanks for the heads up on the bottom :-)

    I want wings like your glamorous black and white fairy really really badly now. Oh the wing envy I am suffering from!!



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