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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Mad Tea Party 2010

This ATC has nothing to do with it, (although I suppose it could) it's just something I made the other night to cheer myself up, BUT I am tickled pink to be joining in on The Mad Tea Party 2010
When I should be paying attention to the traffic (especially since I am THE world's worst driver), or when I should be working (and we all know they pay me so much that they SHOULD have my undivided attention EVERY SINGLE MINUTE), I've been dreaming of what my Tea Party shall be like. Well, not actually what it shall be like, because it shall be wonderful, more, what and who shall be there. I won't tell you, you'll have to come for yourself. skip on over to A Fanciful Twist and check it out, you may want to join in the festivities as well!


  1. Wish I could make stuff like this when I want to cheer myself up! Just love it! Margaret

  2. How do you keep topping yourself. THis is fantastic. I love the way you tinker.
    You are a very bad influence. I have been trying to forget the MAD TEA PARTY. (too busy, blah, blah, blah) But now, I'll have to join along.

  3. Another great one, unreal! Yeah, I've done that while driving once or twice. Blew threw a stop sign, thankfully, no one else was at the intersection. True story.


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