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Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Maybe-vintage" ATC's

I'm not sure if these are exactly "vintage". Maybe retro? All I do know is that both made me think of my child(somewhat) hood. Does any one remember garter belts? I know they're considered sexy now, and I would likely wear them if I had anyone to wear them for (the cat just looks at me and walks away, shaking her head) but it's like anything else, when you HAD to wear them, trust me, they didn't feel all that sexy. And my mother made me wear it all, garters, stockings, girdle (and now they call them "Spanx")lol
Which bring me to the other ATC. it just made me think of my mother. No more, no less.
I guess they ARE vintage. It's just that when your childhood has become "vintage", it means you're vintage. And I'm not ready to be vintage just yet. I prefer to think of myself as well-seasoned. Very well-seasoned.

Hey, how can you tell if a woman is wearing a girdle? When she "toots", her eyes pop out of her head.

And then she has to pick them up and put them back in without looking conspicuous, which of course, is really hard to do. That's why I never wear girdles anymore.


  1. OMG - this had me rolling on the floor. I remember my sisters HATING all the acoutrement of underpinnings. Their mean little siblings thought a lot of this made really good weaponry (catapults for our Hot Wheels, or Barbie vs. GI Joe wars). I am vintage too, I remember wearing pantyhose and slips. Which are apparently out of vogue now. I guess the gradually paring down means that at some point Lady Gaga will stroll down the street stark nekkid and everyone will emulate THAT. Give me retro/vintage anyday. I love the good girl ATC, it's so girly... (oh and the eyeballs popping out were the final thing that made me laugh out loud - my hubby thinks I'm nuts)

  2. Gasping...gasping...ok, I'm here now, I was laughing so hard I couldn't type for a minute. Eyes pop out of her head,....OMG...gasping, gasping......these cards are great, wonderful work...need to compose myself...

  3. Visiting your blog is almost as good as watching 'funniest home video'. Thanks for that. Sorry, but I dont remember garters?

  4. Hi Tamara, garters were a contraption we used to keep our "stockings" from falling down. They were attached to a belt (or the dreaded girdle)and you kind of hooked the stockings into them. This was all before the invention of panti-hose. This was about the same time as the tel-e-vis-ion was introduced as well. lol


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