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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's Going On?

The Poobahs over at The Order of the Opus Gluei have issued their challenge #61 to their peons. and it is to: (and I quote) be brave and show us your craft work area "AS IS". No cleaning up allowed. We are talking about the surface on which you arrange things, cut things and glue them together. It takes some guts to post a picture of a messy area.

(not for me, it doesn't) They told us we had to quick, take the picture and post it in the next 10 minutes! Since I've been away, then tired, then too busy, then yada yada, I am ONLY NOW just visiting their blog and (you are going to have to trust me on this one) I IMMEDIATELY did as I was told and well, here you have it. There is nothing exciting on my worktable except for the treasures I bought in Edmonton at my most favoritest scrapbook store Treasured Memories. I had saved for this event and lo and behold, their ENTIRE store was 30% off, so it was only right that I spend 30% more than I had saved. (and if you follow the logic of that, or worse yet, agree, you are my new BFF, sister.)


  1. haha, yours actually looks quite neat and organised! lol

  2. What's not to understand?? 30% off is the best excuse for spending 30% more.... in ANYBODY's book, if they're telling the truth. You just have to work out how much what you would have bought would have cost and then take 30% off and then addit on to what you thought was left on your credit card...... and oh heck, I'm lost. But I'm with you!!

    And any time you're in my city, drag up your chair to my desk and if you can find space, you're welcome!!

  3. Glad you like the challenge - it is a nice little break and does let us peek into each other's creative psyches! Your craft area is pretty neat in my opinion. Very inspiring and happy.

    I agree with Carolann - you were right to spend that additional 30% and you'd saved up for it so it was fate! Can't wait to see what you create with your new goodies!

  4. Oh, it is looking so wonderful! Is that a sheet of Dresden trim??? *sigh* I love that stuff. Have yet to actually get any, but I love it! LOL! Are you working on a doll piece? That looks cool!

  5. OK, Electra...I'm adding you to the list of friends who have volunteered to make nuisances of themselves if the neighbors don't mind their manners. SO glad I found your page, but your blog has given me ONE MORE reason why the dinner hour gets later and later...your page is very inspiring!
    Since I started my blog, I took up art journaling, but you couldn't tell from my page that I have a creative bone in my body. For's on to chemo!

  6. Well, I always say, you have to spend it to save it.....

  7. Maybe it's Desden Trim, maybe it's German Scrap but I do know it wasn't cheap and I've been wanting some for years. Well Cheap-$10.00but that's a lot to me. And I AM working on a doll, but she's a bit psycho at this point (and so am I tee hee)

  8. I love your craft area! It's very compelling to just sit down and begin...Real Simple had an article this month about how to organize according to if you're left or right brained. You took this little test, then they showed you ideas. I'm smack in the middle, meaning I like neat stacks, but I also enjoy big piles. I think a truly creative person needs a bit of chaos around to get down to business, personally.

    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday; yours is beautiful!

  9. WOW. I love your new stuff. I don't understand your problem. If it was 30% off, DUH, you HAD to spend 30% more. It's just plain math. LOL
    Love your work space so light. And LOADED.


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