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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Side view

Isn't this sweet? All images (except for Mama looking over her brood, out of the second floor window which came from somewhere on the Internet many moons ago) are by Lisa's Altered Art. Lisa has the most wonderful art!!

While we're on the topic of ingredients, I'll tell you how this little Home Sweet Home came to be. First, papier mache base from some well-known mega-craft store. the kind of place none of us (in North America) EVER admit to visiting. I collaged some patterned paper onto it. It looked horrible. Too bright. So I covered that with white paint. Put more stirps of paper on. Looking better now. More white paint. Then I added some yellowy paint in spots. If I were a real artist, I would probably call the colour Ochre or something, but I'm not, so it's yellowy. I bubble-wrapped pink in spots, inked over some drywall tape in other spots with some ohre-like (tee hee) chalk ink. Painted the doors and windows in grey. Pink paint here and there. Stamped some. Added bling around the door and a nailhead doorknob. Put some stickers here and there and stamped on a flower with my Donna Downey foam flower stamp which I love and added the stems with a paintbrush. (You have to imagine me running to the bathroom sink between every colour, over and over and over again, it seemed.) Ummm, then the finishing touches, Lisa's images. Put my feet up and relaxed. Oh! there's a blue chimney too, behind the girl on the roof.

That's it. Far as I can remember.


  1. I love it - it's so clean and simple (lol). Actually I do love this and thank you for using terms normal people use (ochre sounds like Oprah's twin), yellowy works.

    word verification: hooly (friendly football hooligans)

  2. Now go link your project up at Opus Gluei, or Mama will come out of that second floor window.

  3. my favorite thing about is the texture and the really adds to the piece!

  4. I think this came out very nicely...yeah for getting out your comfort zone!
    Thanks on studio comment too! Smiles...

  5. Wow, there's more layers on this than a 7 layer bean dip....and it looks a lot better than bean dip, I tell you! Fab work, love the colors!

  6. Well, all that layering paid off! The side view is as gorgeous as the front! Lori's right-- it's way better than bean dip, and it doesn't make me feel gassy. ;-)


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